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Our Reviews

Crystal A. Says:

Dr. Ryan is such a fun energetic chiropractor. I dreaded going to a chiropractor again for years. When I have gone before I always hurt so much afterwords. I could barely move my neck and struggled walking afterwards. I expressed these concerns with him and he assured me that his techniques will not have me feeling like that. And he was right! After being adjusted I didn’t hurt like I had with other places. I actually haven’t had bad soreness at all after any adjustments with Dr. Ryan. Which has been great. I have recommended others to go see him and will continue too. Thanks for helping me become a better pain free me. Not just for me but for my daughters too.

Laureen S. Says:

Awesome service! My body has gotten use to being healthy with ongoing care! Love Dr. Ryan and staff!

Matt H. Says:

Dr. Ryan is friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I have been seeing him regularly for the last six months. He consulted me through two sports injuries and his adjustments have kept me at the top of my running game.

Katie C. Says:

Dr. Ryan is amazing at what he does. He is very strategic on his plan for recovery. I have only been going there for a few short weeks and have already seen a tremendous change in the way my back and neck feel. Maira and Beth are friendly and helpful at the front desk and it is always great to see baby Mary walking around. All in all it is a great place to go to and I plan on continuing my visits with him.

Andrew K. Says:

Dr. Ryan and the staff at Badgerland are top notch! They’re all so nice and friendly. Dr. Ryan does a great job going through what he’s trying to help you with in the long term compared to just a quick fix. Highly recommend going here!!

Aaron J. Says:

Big shout out to Dr. Ryan and his amazing staff for all they’ve done. Feeling better after a few weeks of services after years of chronic pain.

S.E. Says:

I am so glad I chose Badgerland Chiropractic. Very friendly people. Dr. Ryan is awesome!5 stars in my book.

M.L. Says:

I arrived in terrible pain, within just a few weeks already starting to feel better. The Doctor has been very patient and willing to explain everything to me. Staff are all always pleasant. Come here when your having a bad day they can cheer you right up. I have slightly special needs and they have been very willing to work with me.

C.M. Says:

Dr. Ryan and the rest of the staff at Badgerland Chiropractic are FANTASTIC! Dr. Ryan is a perfect mix of professional technique and fun. He puts you at ease and gets the job done. I have had chronic pain and chronic headaches most of my life. But it was the sudden-onset, near incapacitating neck pain that brought me in to try and get relief. After only a few visits, I am already feeling some relief. My neck is much better and Dr. Ryan is moving my chronic pain and chronic headaches in the right direction as well. Thank you Dr. Ryan!

J.H. Says:

Dr Ryan has helped me with my longer back pain. The pain has very much dissipated and I am not in continuous pain. I have a lot more energy and feel great!!

Thanks Dr Ryan!!!

Matthew P. Says:

Dr. Ryan has helped me a lot with the soreness in my neck. I am eleven years old and had never been to the chiropractor, so I was nervous and he made me feel comfortable. He always answers any questions I have. Maira and Bethany are very kind and helpful. I would recommend Badgerland Chiropractic to any one of any age!

Angela L. Says:

I’ve been going to Dr. Ryan for a few weeks and already see great improvement!

I appreciated my x-rays being taken and explained how we were going to correct my problems. Coming to Badgerland was one of the best decisions!

Dillon S. Says:

I started going to dr. Ryan because i have low back issues. Since i have started seeing dr.ryan i can now go about my daily routine with little to no pain. He has been very kind and knowledgeable. I look forward to continuing my success with dr.ryan

Seth U. Says:

I’ve been an active athlete my entire life, so I am familiar with injury and pain. I believe in preventative chiropractic care (once a week or every other) and have been doing so for over 15 years, with multiple chiropractors, both in the area and other states. Of all my experiences, Badgerland Chiropractic has been the best and most consistent by far.

Dr. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, and communicates very well. They use up to date equipment and have an amazingly friendly and courteous staff. I have been extremely happy with them since the first time I walked in the door over a year ago and plan on doing so for many more.

Jeffrey J. Says:

There amazing, like I said before and I will always say it. When you walk in there you fell like family it’s not like weird, nerves feeling, they make you feel like a long time friends, and my wife walks in hurting and come out happy and painless I love this place

Judy P. Says:

I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Ryan! I had been having sciatic pain that had limited me to the couch for the whole weekend, unable to dress myself or put shoes on.
The pain was unbearable. My husband who also goes to see Dr. Ryan suggested I go visit him immediately! Upon x-rays, I found out I had two different things that were wrong with my spine. One, arthritis in my neck that was causing many headaches and stiffness in my neck. Two, a vertebra in my lower back that had slipped forward, causing severe pain. Dr. Ryan explained very thoroughly what was wrong and made a treatment plan. After a few gentle adjustments that same day, I was able to walk out of there not hunched over and in severe pain! My neck has never felt so good! I can wake up in the morning without any pain or stiffness in it! Coming from someone who never believed in Chiropractic care, Dr. Ryan is a life saver—Thank you ?

Scott B. Says:

I can’t say enough about how Dr. Ryan has helped me with relief from ongoing back pain. I was miserable from the pain after a car accident and through his great work, I have so much more relief. Thank you Dr. Ryan!

Debra S. Says:

Before going to Dr.Ryan i was having bad really bad neck pain i couldn’t sleep because the pain was so bad i could barely move my neck i was suffering like that for about a month,i was also on pain pills which werent really helping. Then my daughter recomended Dr.Ryan after the first visit my neck felt so much better,i can now get a good night sleep and i am a much happier person.Thanks alot Dr.Ryan

Teddi Says:

I went in to Dr. Ryan because I was having tingling in my fingers and hands. He knew what the problem was and how to fix it as soon as I spoke to him. After seeing him a few times I have total feeling back and feel better than ever!

Carrie S. Says:

My son has had a bed wetting problem for years. He had taken every medication the doctor gave, and it didn’t help. He also had a problem with constipation and had medication for that as well. Someone told us to try a chiropractor, so we did. Thanks to Dr. Ryan my son is now off all medication and is no longer wetting the bed. It is great to see the smile on my sons face when he wakes up each morning because he had a good night!

Linda H. Says:

I have lived with a high level of pain in my knee that has resulted in back, shoulder, and neck pain. After the first visit with Dr. Ryan, I noticed an improvement and by the 3rd visit my pain level had dropped from a 6 or 7 to a 3! I am grateful for the pain relief and cannot say enough about Badgerland Chiropractic and the amazing job they do!

Myra Says:

Dr.Ryan has helped me go from headaches on a daily basis to having only occasional headaches. I also had pain and muscle spasms in my back everyday and he has alleviated that as well. I had several doctors tell me my pain was all in my head, Dr.Ryan proved them wrong!

Elizabeth M. Says:

I can not brag enough about Dr. Ryan and Maira, they have been nothing but helpful thru my pregnancy. I have had fantastic results and looks forward to recommending them to anyone who’s in need.

M.S. Says:

I used to always get compliments on my posture and how well I carried myself. I never thought I had a problem with my back. The migraines I had were a normal part of life, I had no idea that my aches and pays were a result of my bad back. Since having a consultation with Dr. Ryan and scheduling regular visits, I maybe get one head a week. I am forever grateful to him and the work he continues to do to help me live a normal life. No more dark rooms without sound and having to cancel plans because my head hurt so bad. Thank you so much for what you’ve done.

Lynn Says:

I went to Dr Ryan on Wednesday, I can honestly say That morning I was in so much pain I could barely walk. I’ve been a little Leary in the past to go to a chiropractor, but I was at a point I had to do some thing! Dr Ryan was very professional, he took X-rays and went over them with me and showed me why I was in so much pain. His method of treatment was much more gentle than what I had experienced with other chiropractors in the past. My back was feeling better already the next day, I went back on Friday for another treatment. I can honestly say his method of treatment is impressive! I would highly recommend him.

John Says:

I have struggled with my posture since I was a child. Eventually, I attempted to fix it myself but suffered extreme upper-back and neck pains as a result. These pains lasted for years until I began to see Dr. Dunphy. After a few sessions my back pains went away and posture began improving dramatically! Dr. Dunphy was very friendly and gentle when I was in this delicate state. My experience with him was a great in all regards and still benefits me today. I cannot thank him enough for fixing a problem that I struggled with for decades!

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