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Janesville WI Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Dunphy Relieves Back and Neck Pain with Various Chiropractic Techniques and Rehab

Neck and Back Pain Chiropractor in Janesville, WI: #1 Choice for optimal care and health from back pain and neck pain are the most common conditions that are seen at Badgerland Chiropractic. Janesville, WI Chiropractor, Dr. Ryan Dunphy can help keep you at the top of your game with chiropractic care.

Back Pain Experienced by Patients at Badgerland Chiropractic

There are many different types of back pain that can be experienced, and they all vary in their pain levels. While some people are able to cope with the pain on a daily basis, many forms can be persistent and debilitating. Some people also suffer repeated pain episodes. Back pain can be triggered by something specific like picking up a heavy object or bending down awkwardly. In other cases, it can develop slowly over time. Some of these common instances can result from being in an uncomfortable position while at work, poor posture or repeated strain on muscles and ligaments in the back.

Managing Neck Pain at Our Chiropractic Clinic

In today’s society, the majority of people spend their days driving to work and hunching over their desks or computer screens once at the office. This constant driving and hunching can cause a significant amount of pain and damage to the neck. Some of this damage includes injuries to nerves, muscles and ligaments in the neck as well as injuries to the upper spine.

Our Chiropractic Center in Janesville Helps Patients Who Exhibit Any of the Following Conditions

  • Chronic back or neck pain
  • Forward Leaning Posture
  • Severe pain that does not subside after resting
  • Sciatica
  • Pain in the arms or legs
  • Tingling or numbness
  • Pain after a slip, fall or other injury
  • Migraines and headaches

Chiropractic Care Reduces Pain and Promotes Healing in the Back and Neck

It is extremely important to be mindful of how your body is positioned when performing every day activities, like how you are seated at work, the position of your neck as you are looking down at your phone, or simply picking up items around the house. No matter how aware you are, however, back and neck pain can still strike without a reason and can cause enough discomfort to decrease your quality of life. It is recommended that you visit Dr. Ryan as soon as you feel this pain.

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