Judy P. Says:


I want to take a moment to thank Dr. Ryan! I had been having sciatic pain that had limited me to the couch for the whole weekend, unable to dress myself or put shoes on.
The pain was unbearable. My husband who also goes to see Dr. Ryan suggested I go visit him immediately! Upon x-rays, I found out I had two different things that were wrong with my spine. One, arthritis in my neck that was causing many headaches and stiffness in my neck. Two, a vertebra in my lower back that had slipped forward, causing severe pain. Dr. Ryan explained very thoroughly what was wrong and made a treatment plan. After a few gentle adjustments that same day, I was able to walk out of there not hunched over and in severe pain! My neck has never felt so good! I can wake up in the morning without any pain or stiffness in it! Coming from someone who never believed in Chiropractic care, Dr. Ryan is a life saver—Thank you ?