Janesville Chiropractor Explains Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care


Badgerland Chiropractic Kids Chiropractic Janesville Chiropractor Explains Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care




Kids Need Chiropractic Care, Too!

Chiropractors like Dr. Ryan Dunphy are seeing growing interest in chiropractic care for children. Studies show that getting adjusted helps with lots of childhood ailments, and costs less than traditional medical care and is less invasive.




Safe and Gentle Treatments

Dr. Ryan uses safe and gentle techniques to adjust children. These techniques are modified for even the smallest of patients from newborns on up! Children typically have a hard time explaining aches and pains and at Badgerland Chiropractic we do a thorough examination to find out if the cause of your childs problems are from misalignments of the spine.


Ease Your Child’s Aches and Pains

Spinal problems can begin at birth. The birthing process itself wreaks havoc on the spine. Wobbly walkers tend to tumble. Older children get out of alignment through sports activities, poor posture, and through everyday activities. Researchers estimate that 50% of children suffer from low-back pain. Luckily, chiropractic adjustments can ease their pain. Chiropractic care helps with neck pain and childhood headaches, too.


Naturally Treat ADHD

Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) prevents children from maintaining their focus in every aspect of their lives. Preliminary research shows that chiropractic care has a “highly significant” influence on improving the symptoms of ADHD.


Stop Chronic Ear Infections

Many young children suffer from chronic ear infections. One study of 46 children ages 5 and under showed that 93% of the ear infection episodes improved by 75% in 10 days or less. 43% improved after only 1 or 2 adjustments. (J Manipulative Physiol Ther 1996;19:169-77)


End Stomach Aches and Constipation

Misalignments putting pressure on nerve roots can be a cause of digestive issues such as chronic constipation and upset stomach. Getting adjusted can get your child’s digestive system back on track!


Sports-Injury Solution

Older children are often involved in sports or other physical activities. Chiropractic care not only helps heal the body faster after injury, but can also help prevent potential sports-related strains and sprains due to misalignments and muscle dysfunction.


Set a Good Example

Teaching your child to turn to medication only when absolutely necessary can help them to avoid potentially harmful side-effects and discover the incredible healing power of the body. Emphasize prevention rather than dependency on medication. Teach your children how to be healthy!


Do you leave your kids at home while you visit the chiropractor? Why not bring them along and get the whole family feeling great and healthy?!

Dr. Ryan has had amazing success treating children find out how we can help your family at Badgerland Chiropractic today! Call 608-754-0148


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