Janesville Chiropractor Explains Ways to Avoid Developing Spinal Arthritis and Degeneration


Time Magazine Inflammation Badgerland Chiropractic Janesville, WIJanesville Chiropractor Explains Ways to Avoid Developing Spinal Arthritis and Degeneration


Every day we hear patients talk about arthritis but they have no idea what arthritis actually is and how it occurs. Arthritis simply means inflammation of a joint. If the inflammation does not dissipate, the white blood cells that inflammation brings into an injured area will start eating away the joints like a slow burning painful fire. This can create degenerative joint disease which is also called osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease. Acute inflammation is a good thing it protects the injured or infected area and allows the area to heal we see this in sprained ankles and when we get a scratch or cut for example. However, if an injured area is repetitively being injured from issues such as poor posture, the inflammation will never subside and the inflammation will start to cause more harm than good.


This is important for your spine because if an area of your spine is out of alignment and damaging the facet capsules, spinal joints, and discs. Over time the chronic inflammation that is caused by the misalignment will cause facet, disc and joint degeneration also called spinal arthritis. We are taught to believe that disc and joint degeneration in the spine are from aging but we are now seeing young people with severe osteoarthritis and seventy year old patients with very little osteoarthritic changes. There is some wear and tear associated with aging but if you keep your spine in alignment with chiropractic care, eat a diet that reduces inflammation and stretch and exercise your back and neck maintaining pliable muscles and joints. You will slow down the aging process, developing minimal arthritis and your body will feel good and be functional into your 80′s and 90′s.


At Badgerland Chiropractic Dr. Ryan uses a thorough chiropractic exam and Digital X-rays of your spine to diagnose and assess your spine for subluxations and degenerative changes. Call 608-754-0148 Today to schedule your appointment and get checked!


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