Janesville Chiropractor Explains Causes and Natural Ways to Prevent Headaches and Migraines


Headaches-migraine-relief-chiropractic-care-natural-relief-careJanesville Chiropractor Explains Causes and Natural Ways to Prevent Headaches and Migraines


So often we have new patients that tell us they are suffering from daily headaches or weekly migraines that they have become used to dealing with as part of their lives. Headaches and Migraines are not normal and can be treated naturally and effectively once we find the CAUSE of your Headaches or Migraines. Headaches and Migraines can prevent you from living your daily life pain and stress free and can even become debilitating.


At Badgerland Chiropractic we provide you with DRUG FREE Approaches to Preventing Headaches!

You can feel better without taking possibly hazardous medications!

-Tylenol and other over the counter Pain Medications containing ACETOMENOPHIN are the #1 cause of Acute Liver FAILURE in the US.


Chiropractic Adjustments Proven Effective Treating Headaches and Migraines


Headaches are frequently caused by tension on cervical nerve roots and prolonged tension of the neck muscles.


Much of the pain associated with headaches doesn’t come from the head, but from the cervical spine. Headaches are often a sign of a misaligned spine. When this disorder affects the spine of the neck, it can cause chronic pain and limited mobility. Headaches are commonly a symptom from stress in the muscles of the neck due to poor posture and misalignments of the spine. Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments reduce neck pain and headaches and that chiropractic care is as effective as prescription medication for tension headaches and migraines.


At Badgerland Chiropractic we use STATE OF THE ART Digital X-rays to analyze your cervical spine and find out if the cause of your problem can be helped with specific CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS.


Check Your Posture


Many people who suffer from headaches have a reduction, absence, or reversal of their normal cervical spinal curves. Adjustments and Cervical Traction therapy can help improve this curve. There are also things you can do on your own as well, like at home exercises and neck stretches.


Skip the Medications


Overusing headache medications can actually cause more headaches. These are called Medication Overuse Headaches (MOH). Research shows that both prescription and over-the-counter pain medication may instigate headaches, which actually cause you more pain. Getting adjusted regularly can prevent headaches and ease the use of pain medication.


Look Out for Drug Side Effects and Interactions


Many medications list headaches as a possible side effect, including birth control, hormone replacement therapies, antidepressants, cold medicine, decongestants, allergy medicine, heart medication, and drugs for high blood pressure.


Overuse of certain vitamins and dietary supplements may even cause headaches, such as iron, and vitamins A and D. On the other hand, some may avert headaches, such as magnesium and B-complex vitamins.


If you think a medication may be causing you headaches, seek natural alternatives such as diet and exercise. However, do not discontinue the use of a medication without checking with the prescribing doctor.


Skip the Soda and Coffee


Although caffeine may help the symptoms of headache for some people, it can also cause drug rebound tension headaches and lead to migraines. Caffeine can essentially become a temporary fix for a chronic problem and at Badgerland Chiropractic we will help you find the SPECIFIC CAUSE of your headaches and migraines.


Prevent Eye Strain


Vision problems can cause headaches. Eye strain from the computer can lead to head and neck pain as well. Looking at a computer all day and working at a desk can lead to Anterior Head Carriage which can cause severe stress on your upper back and neck paraspinal muscles, which can often lead to tension type headaches.


Research shows that employees who spend at least 11 hours per week working on the computer were 50% more likely to suffer from weekly headaches, compared to those who did not use the computers. (Am J Epidemiol 1999;150:1223-8)


Daily Exercise and Physical Activity


Daily aerobic activity can prevent headaches. Exercise can even keep depression under control, which can reduce the number of headaches you get. According to research regular exercise is just as, and possibly more, effective than antidepressant medication for emotional depression (Psychoso Med 2000;62).


Proper Sleep Habits


If you suffer from headaches, make sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. Also, try to maintain a sleep schedule, where you go to sleep and wake up around the same time every day. Sleep deprivation and an inconsistent sleep schedule can increase headaches.


If you get headaches mainly in the morning, you may want to be tested for sleep apnea. Snoring is also linked with chronic headaches (Neurology 2003;60;1369-71).


Manage You Daily Stress


Holding in anger can be a major stressor, and a cause of headaches. Try to control your stress through yoga, exercise, meditation or prayer.


Five minutes of deep breathing twice a day can significantly help you manage your daily stress levels and if “you don’t have time”, then you are under too much stress and need to make time and you will experience peace of mind and increased productivity!


Clean Up Your Diet


Some foods can trigger headaches and migraines. Try to avoid Dairy, Sugars, and Processed Carbohydrates. If you’re sensitive to gluten, try to avoid wheat. Avoid packaged and processed foods and preservatives. Sugar substitutes such as aspartame have also been linked to headaches and are commonly found in diet soda.


At Badgerland Chiropractic we promote a Paleo Diet and Anti-inflammatory Diet and Dr. Ryan will help answer any questions you have about these diets and how they can help change your life!




To help prevent vertebral misalignments from causing your headaches and Migraines, Call 608-754-0148 To Schedule Your Appointment Today with Dr. Ryan Dunphy at Badgerland Chiropractic!


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    Appreciate you recommending a more holistic approach to managing Migraines. Medication Overuse Headache, aka Rebound Headache, is very common. When the only one advising you on migraine management is an MD, you’re going to get a prescription. That’s only one of several ways to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraines.

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